cornell convocation 2017

The convocation that took place on Oct. 3 at the cornell university of the arts (cn) in New York City saw over 400 guests attend. I was there to talk to a group of artists from around the world, and to speak about the art I am currently working on. It was a great group of people who have a diverse range of experiences and ideas about art.

The convocation went incredibly well, and it was great to see so many people come together to share their own art. I’m really excited to see what kinds of works are going to emerge from this.

I know this sounds like a bit extreme, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what your visual arts might look like.

As an artist and friend of mine, I wanted to use some of the new art that I’ve been able to produce across the entire time frame, so to speak, but I also wanted to see if there’s anything that I can do to make people aware of my work and contribute to making their artwork more visible.

It’s a really fun and exciting art project, so I’ll be adding some more artwork to it. I’m also looking forward to watching the latest trailer for the new game and the characters of the new video game that I did.

Ill be updating my other art with the new art, but this is my first time showing my work to a public audience. In fact I just finished a piece of art that I did for the convocation in Cornell and I would like to show you guys some of the things that have been painted.

Well, it started out as just some pictures I drew for the convocation. Then I decided to paint them. Then I added some more. Now I have some really nice art, but I dont show it to most of the convocation’s audience. I just want to show them what my art looks like.

The art, in particular, is very good, and I just finished some sketches. Maybe you are just getting started or you are already a fan of the art.

I saw the first trailer about a week or so ago, and I liked it, so I put the art in the queue for the convocation. I feel like its a better art, so I tried to paint it as good as I could.

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