If you didn’t know it already, studying is a huge part of the college experience. In fact, many students would say that studying properly is more important than anything else they do while in college. The days of cramming before a final are long gone-studying smarter and more effectively has become the norm. In this post we’ll be discussing what some study hacks and tricks are to making college seem less like an uphill climb and more like a smooth downhill slide to graduation day.

Few of the study hacks are:

  1. Plan down to the minute (or even minute) how you are going to spend your allotted time. 
  2. Write everything on a note-card, newspaper or whatever form of note taking that suits your studying style best and carry it with you everywhere. 
  3. Make sure to do not only small, short studies, but also make sure to do large, long studies. This will help keep you motivated and attentive throughout the entire study session. 
  4. Turn your study time into a game. With the ever-present use of smartphones, everyone has access to games, apps and more that can be used for studying. If you don’t have a cellular plan or minutes for your phone, then sign up for a free trial of LiveScribe and use it in conjunction with your notes from Evernote to record audio that you can replay over and over again. This is especially useful if you are taking several tests on the same subject. 
  5. With textbook availability being so vast these days, it is crucial to find cheaper options before purchasing any books that may not be aesthetically appealing or completely necessary. You’ll thank yourself later (and save some money). 

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